Prevent Child Trafficking

Our Programs

  • First: VEGAS CARES BOUTIQUE is a shame-free boutique staffed by trained volunteers who provide connection, brand new clothing, and info on the tricks of traffickers to the most vulnerable young people in our community–teens who are homeless and alone.
  • Second: Educating and empowering the community on the 4 signs to look for and the 1 action to take AND on how to protect our children from the tricks of traffickers and PSA’s through videos (like this one) and through community meetings and workshops.
  • Third: We are working with Senator Carrie Buck on anti-trafficking education for children in middle and high school. With a proven peer-to-peer approach to educating children on the tricks of traffickers, we will be empowering our children to protect themselves and their peers. 

Mr. Wubbenhorst is the former Administration for Children and Families Associate Commissioner for the Family and Youth Services Bureau. In this role he worked directly with issues around homeless and runaway youth. Mr. Wubbenhorst has studied many other prevention programs, and is providing invaluable assistance with our efforts to learn what works and what doesn’t in the prevention of child trafficking. 

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